Financial Wellness Marketing

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So, what is Financial Wellness Marketing? How is it tied to true financial wellness? And, why is this important when it comes to your coaching or consulting practice?

It doesn’t matter what type of coach you are; life coach, business coach, health coach, or consultant, you chose this profession to improve people’s lives. It’s your mission to educate and guide your clients to make the right decisions.

The most special qualities you use are:

  • the ability to send messages across audiences effectively,
  • make people listen to what you say, and then,
  • have them take action.

The problem is that they don’t. Something is holding them back.

Ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these problems in your coaching or consulting practice?

  • Feeling helpless when it comes to getting people to do what you think is best!
  • Unable to motivate or inspire others despite your efforts!
  • You yearn to help others but the tools or techniques you learned just aren’t working! And,
  • You start to feel clueless when it comes to being a coach or consultant!

It’s a cold hard, fact:

If you don’t tap into what’s hanging them up, you’ll potentially be wasting days and months trying to get your message across to your clients and getting them to work together. 

Well, you are not alone. I’ve walked down this lost path and I told myself that I would do whatever it takes to figure the key to become a good coach and consultant.

And after years of research and talking with literally thousands of people, I’ve finally didcovered an answer.

It’s not your fault. Your clients are just not financially well.

Let me explain. People have difficulty making good decisions, especially when it comes to money or any other type of value (such as life balance). And what decision doesn’t somehow, someway, come down to a financial or a value decision?

Until relatively recently, this was an issue that baffled even the “expert” financial economists along with psychologists. Your clients demonstrate the following behaviors:

They might have the financial resources – money – but their poor decisions are not affected by how much they have in the bank, but by emotions, influences, and learned financial habits.


They are under financial stress, a major cause of stress, and they feel paralyzed.

Until you understand why your clients aren’t making “logical” decisions and you address these blocks and scripts, you’ll continue to be frustrated with their decisions.

The good news is that now you can arm yourself with this decision making knowledge. It’s not just more platitudes, tricks or cheerleading. And, it’s not offering financial advice.

It’s using the power of behavioral economics (financial decision making) and financial therapy (money beliefs and disorders) in your coaching, consulting and marketing. It’s knowledge and techniques backed with scientific studies. 

It’s using Financial Wellness Marketing, True Financial Wellness in your client’s decision making.

Now you can add this decision making dynamic to your practice. It will give you an added differentiation advantage. But more importantly, it will help your practice grow and your clients become more successful.

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