Financial Wellness Marketing Coaching and Consulting

man's suit and tie with his hand grabbing a coach's whistle

Personally guiding you on Financial Wellness Marketing so you can better serve others.

There are many challenges that you as a coach or consultant encounter with your clients.

Most, if not all of these challenges come with a certain amount of stress that they bring to the table.

Dealing with this stress is one of your primary tasks.

An underlying cause of most stress is usually financial, related to money. This cause is common, but it can also be hidden.

A 2008 American Psychological Assoc. survey on stress found that the primary source (upwards to 70 – 80 percent) was money and the economy.

Your mission, as a coach or consultant, is to guide your clients over any roadblocks so they can accomplish their life’s goals, their psychological needs. These needs can be based on the hierarchy introduced by Abraham Maslow:

  • physiological,
  • safety,
  • love and belonging,
  • esteem, and,
  • self-actualization.

They start with the physical and rise through social, then emotional, and finally intellectual needs.

There’s also a range of resources that’s required to meet those hierarchal needs.

So, our psychological health depends on how we meet the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs using the resources available to us.

In our modern society, money is one of the major factors that impacts the availability of our resources and therefore the attainment of all of our needs.

That’s where you come in.

Are you prepared to tackle the Financial Wellness Stress in your clients’ lives? Uncover the many money problems that they face? Understand the behavioral aspects of their financial decision making? Help them remove a major roadblocks to their needs and goals?

Well now you can! Add Financial Wellness Marketing into your practice!

  • We’ll provide a “sounding board” for you to bounce ideas about your clients attitudes about money.
  • Help stop them from sabotaging their goals!
  • Determine their money attitudes, where they come from, and how to deal with them!
  • Relieve your frustration of their “irrational” attitudes about money.
  • Offer you the differentiation that sets you apart from the pack.