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Have you been searching for helpful information and tactics to help you address and overcome common client financial misconceptions and decision-making? In other words, do your clients seem to be making “irrational” money decisions, decisions that are affecting their lives and your business?

JMLesko Financial is a place to help you better serve your clients, and your employees help grow your business. It’s about financial decision-making. Supported by excellent knowledge, we’re always adding new resources and other services to provide you with the most up-to-date advice. We’ve worked hard to develop helpful content and provide you with the answers you’ve been struggling to find.

With our help as financial coaches, educators, and consultants, you’ll now be able to provide a safe and non-threatening environment for your clients to evaluate and answer their financial questions. We use a proven process to understand clients’ financial situations & options (including analysis), goals and needs, areas to address, outcomes, and priorities, and offer the highest quality education (both in person and online), plus support and reviews.

It’s easy to add this valuable financial service to your business. We can provide done-for-you packages or provide the needed materials. Also, since we do not sell any financial products nor offer financial advice, there’s no requirement for additional licenses required on your part.

Why a Site on Financial Decision Making?

As a Certified Financial Educator, Coach, Licensed Consultant, and former Registered Investment Advisor, I find that decision-making is a significant issue in people’s lives, especially when dealing with money. Yet, whether you’re a coach, consultant, or advisor, we’ve all scratched our heads when it comes to our client’s “rational” money choices.

To help make money decisions, many believe that financial literacy – a knowledge of the relevant financial instruments, markets, and institutions – is the answer. Although this is important, as almost anyone in the financial industry will tell you, it is not the whole story. It’s only part of the answer and not even a factor in many financial situations.

My experience and research show that many root causes of poor money choices lie in the behavioral, not necessarily technical, aspects of financial decision-making. These are major psychological money roadblocks to the needs and goals of your clients. You need to identify these roadblocks and, if possible, remove them.

Combining Behavioral Finance, Financial Therapy, and Experience will help you see these roadblocks more clearly. However, it’s not easy for your clients to recognize that they have these roadblocks, and changing their beliefs can be challenging.

However, arming yourself with this knowledge and ability is worth the time and effort. Give your clients the gift of enhanced financial decision-making, true financial wellness.

We have created this website to present relevant and helpful information; nevertheless, you have to be aware that this site’s material reflects the writers’ thoughts and opinions.

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